Our longest, widest, most luxurious offering ever.

NexxaCore is committed to beautiful design and the latest in flooring technology.

We are proud to introduce our MASTERPIECE COLLECTION.

A collection inspired by various “masterpieces” that all share the same thing: TO EVOKE EMOTION.

Just like a culinary, artistic, or musical masterpiece played by a symphony, the NexxaCore MASTERPIECE COLLECTION will evoke the most powerful emotion from anyone who steps foot on it. The clean, authentic wood inspired design gives the freedom to create the perfect living space.

Combined with the newest 5G Locking technology and our proprietary GUARDIA G3 anti-scratch/anti-microbial protection, this collection offers the widest, longest and most durable flooring anywhere.

Come experience the next generation flooring with the new MASTERPIECE COLLECTION...only from NexxaCore.

NexxaCore featured again on HGTV!

We are thrilled to announce the recent appearance of Sol on Help! I Wrecked My House (Season 02, Episode 7) and would like to thank Kindred Flooring/San Dimas, CA for the connection!

This comes on the heels of another feature using our ultra-wide Apollo from our COSMOS collection on HGTV’s show “Inside Out”!

We believe in the design and quality of our collections and are humbled by the selection.

We would also like to thank all of you, our real-world customers and interior design-space creators who are sharing their actual projects on social media (hashtag #nexxacore) and with us on our Gallery section. 

Send us a message if you’d like to share your images with us on the Gallery page! 

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Life Happens Here

Sit back, relax, and think back to all the fun memories in life and you’ll realize many of them occurred right in your home or special workplace.

Walking, standing, working, sitting, cooking, cleaning.

Life takes place on this stage and NexxaCore flooring can handle it all.

Waterproof, child-proof, pet-proof.

Our designers have traveled the world and taken their experiences to create one of the most exciting and beautiful flooring collections anywhere.

The NexxaCore Collections blend carefully curated, fashion-forward designs with the highest quality materials to create one of the most durable, and satisfying flooring anywhere.

The best designers. The best materials. The best factories.

Let NexxaCore Floors set the stage for your life.

Capturing the power and essence of nature

Stunning beauty, lasting durability, 100% waterproof

Choose a style that fits

plank size

color shade


Inspired by the beauty of nature

Come experience the new standard for waterproof floors


Benchmark Fashion

The DISTRICT COLLECTION embodies the spirit of people enjoying life, music, art, and culture. Created by our travel savvy designers, the collection offers rustic and modern themes that reflect a fashion-forward and clean design perfect for urban lofts as well as country cabins.

The three colors in the collection range from dark, medium to light, each with a tasteful smoked appearance.

The DISTRICT COLLECTION sets the benchmark for all others in terms of high sense design and quality crafted materials.


Ultra-Wide, Seamless

The PEAKS COLLECTION is the flagship collection offering ultra-wide, extra long boards for a seamless look that’s anything but ordinary. It is grand, luxurious and will give the room a sense of spaciousness unattainable with ordinary planks.

Each color in this collection has been chosen and designed with the ultra-wide planks in mind. Hand brushed oak colors range from sophisticated earthy gray, to timeless earth tones in neutral and dark brown.

Enjoy a sense of relaxation, extra comfort and luxury that only ultra-wide planks can give with the PEAKS COLLECTION.


Fashion, Durability, Price

The LANDS COLLECTION offers the perfect combination of stylish fashion with an affordable build. It offers beautifully curated, fashion-forward colors while still being cost-effective.

Also designed for lite commercial wear in mind, the collection boasts a full selection of clean and traditional styles for any use. High quality wood grain design and materials help create a realistic hardwood floor atmosphere that was unattainable at this price point until now.

The LANDS COLLECTION breaks new ground and gives beautiful, waterproof hardwood like floors to all.

The Cosmos

Clean, Wide, Durable

The COSMOS COLLECTION combines ultra-wide 9 inch planks with some of the cleanest and most beautiful designs on the planet. This combination converts any area into an expansive living space.

Timeless style matched with durability make for the perfect combination. The collection is subtle, yet bold and will provide a neutral, airy atmosphere suitable for any lifestyle.

Enjoy the open, spacious feel of the COSMOS COLLECTION and make any room, a special one.


The longest, widest flagship collection

Every “masterpiece” evokes powerful emotion. The MASTERPIECE COLLECTION is the flagship luxury collection boasting the longest and widest planks featuring the latest technologies. This includes the introduction of the new 5G locking system for superior installation, the anti-microbial/ anti-scratch GUARDIA G3 protection and the beautiful crafted designs inspired by nature’s best wood.

The clean and elegant designs are ready to compliment any interior design project while the ultra-wide, ultra-long planks will bring a new dimension of spaciousness to any living space.

Come experience the next generation flooring without compromise, the MASTERPIECE COLLECTION.


NexxaCore has taken a proactive stance to ensure that every plank in every collection is safe for children and family.

It’s the stage we walk, stand, and sit on…

It’s where life takes place and we want to ensure that it’s absolutely safe for the people dearest to us.

The voluntary Floor Score rating and Phthalates free nontoxic status shows our commitment to ensure customer confidence, trust and safety.

We produce each and every collection knowing our very own children might lie down on them.

We know that safety comes first above all design and marketing.

FLOORSCORE CERTIFIED– In addition to the prerequisite certificates, all of our engineered vinyl flooring is Floorscore IAQ (indoor air quality) certified. Many environmental programs recognize this standard as one of the safety benchmarks.


assure certified logo thumbpsd

ASSURE CERTIFIED– ASSURE CERTIFIED was conceived and developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) as a way to establish uniform standards of quality for all rigid core luxury vinyl flooring products sold in North America; regardless of where they are manufactured. ASSURE CERTIFIED standards apply to WPC or SPC construction. NexxaCore has been manufactured to the highest standards and meets all the ASSURE CERTIFIED requirements for indoor air quality, rigorous performance, and free of heavy metals content and ortho-phthalates.

The NexxaCore Series is proud to offer a Lifetime warranty on the waterproof structure and residential wear. Every collection also features a robust 10 Year medium commercial wear warranty.

Phthalates are banned in most children’s products, but continue to be used in other applications. We cannot fathom why anyone would use phthalates in floors that are so close to our children and loved ones.

NexxaCore floors are phthalates free and safe for children.

Go ahead, lie down and take a nap.

Unbelievably Real

It’s all in the details.

We’ve managed to create collections that inspire creativity, expand the ambience of any living space, and raise the bar in authentic hardwood and stone-like design combined with functional durability.

We feel the next generation of flooring must deliver these attributes to ensure that our families, friends, colleagues, can simply focus on this adventure called “Life.”

The passion and commitment to excellence from our team members is what distinguishes our product from the rest.

Touch it, feel it, live life on it!

Trim Moldings

No install is complete without the proper trim pieces. NexxaCore features a Uniclic® locking system for easy installation and a complete line of waterproof trim moldings. The color match trim moldings are available for all three collections and include a beautiful 4 1/2” flush stairnose for the perfect install.