Welcome to The COSMOS

The COSMOS COLLECTION is wide, expansive, and will add another dimension of space to any living area.

Plank Dimensions – 9” x 60”

EUROPA is a simple, light wood offering that is perfect for the style conscious interior designer. It will match a wide range of furniture and appliance and will set the stage for many memories in your living space. Extraordinary attention to detail and stand out sense of design makes EUROPA one of our most promising up and coming colors.

NOVA is a medium tone combining the organic beauty of the forest with the wide vast plank widths that COSMOS is known for. You can’t go wrong with this versatile, high quality design. Finish your next interior creation and love life with NOVA.

CALLISTO is fresh, clean and modern. With its detailed grain finish, CALLISTO blends versatile styling with the durability, waterproof capabilities and intricate craftsmanship only NexxaCore can offer.

APOLLO is light, warm and clean. The realistic design looks stunning on the extra wide planks and will make any room feel even more spacious. Create a beautiful and natural looking living space with this perfect color.


Imagine a room filled with warm sunshine and SOL. The real wood-like grain creates a natural feel while offering superior waterproof protection. Meanwhile, the extra wide planks make for a luxurious, relaxed feel. In short, you can’t miss with SOL.

PHOEBE is a light color glowing with warmth. The clean design compliments the extra wide 9 inch planks making any room look bigger. This versatile greige color is at home in any kind of design theme and suits living and working spaces alike.

ORION is a warm, natural color filled with mid brown tones and a slight green orange hues. It creates a relaxing environment for almost any room. Clean, but with depth, this color will also make any room look larger with its ultra wide planks.

HELIOS is the classic favorite now available in the expansive ultra wide 9 inch plank. Enjoy more of the uplifting, comfortable atmosphere only a classic light color like this can create. Highest quality wood grain design and the rich spirit of wood is sure to warm any living space.

GALILEO proves clean doesn’t need to be boring. With a minimal wood grain design combined with light gray and yellow tones, the mood is uplifting and happy. Combine this with the ultra wide 9 inch planks and any room will transform into an expansive living space.

The Technology Behind the Beauty

Compared to the DISTRICT/ PEAKS / PEAKS 579 COLLECTIONS, The COSMOS COLLECTION has similarities as well as key differences.

Guardia G3 is an Ultra Scratch-Resistant Coating using proprietary coating technology for durable protection against stubborn scuffs, scratches and stains.

It features a 20 mil Commercial Wear Layer and a generous 0.5 mm thickness provides superior protection from everyday wear and tear.

ISO 22196 Certified Built-in Anti-Microbial Safeguard

Guardia G3 boasts ISO 22196 Certification for Anti-Microbial Testing on Plastics and Non=Porous Surfaces. Test shows > 99.99% effective at killing Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli bacterias

Helps protect flooring surface against growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. This protection will not wear off.

Being commercially wear rated means that it’s suited for all residential retail/commercial/medical offices and hotels. It is a strong protective ally for your floors.

The LANDS COLLECTION also features a 4-sided painted micro bevel at 30 degrees for that refined look. Most products with a bevel are 45 degrees, thereby creating an unrealistic “dust-catcher”.

The Wood Vision 3D is a HD visual film technology allowing for the most realistic natural designs.

The NexxaCore layer is the core structure measuring 4mm thick and made from 2 parts limestone powder to 1 part virgin PVC vinyl.
It is 100% waterproof and features a licensed Uniclic 2G locking system for easy installation

The Silencio XPE acoustic layer measures 1.0mm thick and 100% closed-cell construction. The Cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) is 100% waterproof, resists mold & mildew, and minimizes subfloor imperfections.

Luxury with a Peace of Mind

FLOORSCORE CERTIFIED– In addition to the prerequisite certificates, all of our engineered vinyl flooring is Floorscore IAQ (indoor air quality) certified.  Many environmental programs recognize this standard as one of the safety benchmarks.


Phthalates are banned in most children’s products, but continue to be used in other applications. We cannot fathom why anyone would use phthalates in floors that are so close to our children and loved ones.

NexxaCore floors are phthalates free and safe for children.

Go ahead, lie down and take a nap.

The COSMOS COLLECTION features a Lifetime waterproof and structural warranty as well as a Lifetime residential wear & 10 year commercial wear warranty.

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