Every Masterpiece Evokes Powerful Emotion

Every art form gives birth to a masterpiece.

The MASTERPIECE COLLECTION is a no-compromise celebration of remarkable achievement and beauty.

It captures the essence of raw emotion that only a true masterpiece can bring forth.

 It is the ultimate luxury collection featuring ultra-wide, ultra-long planks.

We invite you to experience the unmistakeable impact of a true masterpiece.

Plank Dimensions – 9” x 71”

RHYTHM is a rich, dark-toned color that creates a dramatic atmosphere. Its striking design features a bold and intricate wood grain pattern that is sure to impress. Let it set the rhythm of your interior with it’s relaxing, comforting atmosphere.

MELODY is a medium-toned color that inspires creativity and imagination. Its detailed natural design features subtle patterns and curves that flow like a beautiful melody. Let MELODY be the inspiration for your next design project, and watch as your space comes to life with joy and harmony.

SOFFRITTO is a medium-toned color that brings warmth and flavor to your home. Just like the classic Italian seasoning it’s named after, SOFFRITTO adds a burst of energy and excitement to any room. Its detailed wood grain design is a true work of art, and it will be the foundation for countless unforgettable memories in your home.

YUZU, the newest light-toned color in the collection, is as refreshing as the citrus fruit it’s named after. Its delicate hue will brighten up any space and bring a sense of uplifting joy to your home. Let Yuzu be the key ingredient in your interior design recipe for a fun, refreshing and stylish space.

LOOP is a versatile color that embodies the essence of movement and progress. Its medium-toned hue is a perfect blend of light and dark, and its unique design will provide a seamless loop of comfort and reassurance. With LOOP, you can let your imagination run wild and create a space that truly reflects your interior design goals.

PALETTE is a medium color that represents the limitless potential of artistic expression. Its wood grain design is a true masterpiece, with every detail carefully crafted to evoke emotion and inspiration. PALETTE is your canvas, and enjoy  the endless possibilities of color and design to create a space that is truly one-of-a-kind.

A good TEMPO sets the tone for music, as well as for emotion. It has the power to evoke powerful happiness, sadness, wonder, excitement, and hope  This medium light tone is just as versatile, ready to set the rhythm of your lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the spacious ultra-wide, ultra-long ultra long planks and set the perfect tempo.

ALLEGRO is quick and lively. It is energetic brimming with happiness, excitement, and a positive outlook on life. This medium tone is a blend of light and dark hues that captures the essence of the wide spectrum of emotions we go through in life. The beautiful, detailed wood grain design is a masterpiece in itself. It is chic, versatile, and ready to keep up with the pace of any lifestyle.

ROUX is the foundation for countless savory recipes. Is sets base flavor and texture, creating dishes that evoke emotion such as happiness and fond memories. This comforting medium tone acts as the roux for any interior space, adding the beauty of natural wood design and setting the flavor of the room.

ZEST adds just the right amount of spice and flavor. It has the pwoer to turn a dull, boring dish into an explosion of taste and pleasure for the senses. This beautiful design is clean, exciting and ready to brighten up any day. Bring your living space to live with the power of zest and enjoy the powerful, uplifting experience this color brings.

A blank CANVAS is where countless masterpieces are born. It represents the freedom to go in any direction, wherever the mind decides to go. And just like a real canvas, this light color design gives the freedom expression for any interior space. It is simple, clean and the ultra-long, ultra-wides planks will make any room look bigger and feel more spacious.

The EASEL symbolizes creativity for artistic expression, supporting all the beauty and emotion put forth from the creative mind of the artist. This warm medium tone matches a wide variety of design possibilities and like an easel, is ready to yet support your next project. It is up to the creative mind of the artist to make turn their ideas into reality. EASEL will always be their to support it.

No compromise.

The latest technology. Always improving.

NexxaCore continues to innovate the lineup by incorporating the new 5G Locking system for:

• Fastest and easiest installation

• Strong locking provided by plastic tongue

• Large tolerance window

NexxaCore uses the latest GUARDIA G3 technology for the ultimate in protection.

Guardia G3 is a proprietary wear layer technology featuring 3 unique components for ultimate flooring surface protection.

ISO 22196 Certified, Built-In, Anti-Microbial Safeguard 

Helps protect flooring surface against growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. Test shows > 99.99% effective at killing Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli bacterias.  This protection will not wear off.(ADD) CLICK HERE to view the official test results.

Ultra-Scratch Resistant Coating

Using proprietary coating technology for durable protection against stubborn scuffs, scratches and stains

20 mil Commercial Wear Layer

0.5mm thickness provides superior protection in all residential and medium commercial application such as retail, medical offices and conference rooms

The MASTERPIECE COLLECTION also features a 4-sided painted micro bevel at 30 degrees for that refined look. Most products with a bevel are 45 degrees, thereby creating an unrealistic “dust-catcher”.

The Wood Vision 3D is a HD visual film technology allowing for the most realistic natural designs.

The NexxaCore layer is the core structure measuring 4mm thick and made from 2 parts limestone powder to 1 part virgin PVC vinyl.
It is 100% waterproof and features a licensed Uniclic 2G locking system for easy installation

The Silencio XPE acoustic layer measures 1.0mm thick and 100% closed-cell construction. The Cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) is 100% waterproof, resists mold & mildew, and minimizes subfloor imperfections.

Luxury with a Peace of Mind

In addition to the prerequisite certificates, all of our engineered vinyl flooring is Floorscore IAQ (indoor air quality) certified. Many environmental programs recognize this standard as one of the safety benchmarks.

Phthalates are banned in most children’s products, but continue to be used in other applications. We cannot fathom why anyone would use phthalates in floors that are so close to our children and loved ones.

NexxaCore floors are phthalates free and safe for children.

Go ahead, lie down and take a nap.

The MASTERPIECE COLLECTION features a Lifetime waterproof and structural warranty as well as a Lifetime residential wear & 10 year commercial wear warranty.

Color Matched Trim Moldings