Big impact for smaller living spaces

The BONSAI COLLECTION is the premiere next generation performance laminate

flooring offering classic colors with a modern design.

Ideal for smaller living spaces, BONSAI uses earthy warm neutrals and

planks measure 7.67 inches wide and 60 inches long for a striking look.

Multi-layer construction water-resistant feature makes it

durable and ideal for active families.

Redefine your living space with the BONSAI COLLECTION.

Plank Dimensions – 7.67” x 60”

ELEVATE your living space with the earthy, warm medium color tone. The subtle aged, grain design is a perfect match for any interior design and brings a sense of comfort to any environment. Enjoy this comfort with family and friends and elevate the next new chapter of your life.

ELUSIVE is a warm, medium tone rich with the beauty of mother nature. The classic tone is traditional and contemporary at the same time. The hints of amber and pecan bring depth to the living space. Setting the stage for close, friendly and happy relationships.  Find your elusive, comforting inner peace with this timeless color tone.

GENERATIONS features a European inspired medium tone that is timeless. The rich wooden design exudes a sense of wisdom, respect, and care. It is about enduring memories made with friends and family throughout the years. Take the beauty of nature passed down through the generations and infuse your living space with this new modern classic.

NIMBUS is a light and golden medium tone that brings an aura of uplifting zen to any room. Find your inner peace through the beautiful natural looking wood grain design. Pair it with your favorite interior elements to create your own personalized living space. Nimbus is truly the halo of any room encapsulating everything inside with a pure and tranquil energy.

SEASONS is an earthy, medium chocolate tone expressing the rich foundation of the earth we live upon. Like the ground it represents, this base color matches any interior design and brings a sense of grounded reassurance to any space. It is ready to evolve and change with your own personal lifestyle “seasons”, acting as a constant and stable element in your daily life.

WHIMSICAL is just like the name implies. It is a light tone with balanced oak wood grain design that inspires creativity and imagination. Let this uplifting color fill the room with expansive freedom.  The soft washed-hues and gentle patterns make it the perfect choice for any stylish interior design.

Experience inner peace.

The next generation of laminate flooring is here.

Introducing the Next Generation of Laminate Flooring.

NexxaCore is proud to offer the latest flooring that redefines the previous image of laminate flooring.

This new generation of performance laminate flooring passes our NexxaCore quality standards

and offers exceptional durability and aesthetic style.

From the AC4 Commercial Melamine Wear Layer featuring Aluminum Oxide to the innovative NexxaCore HDF-5 Core,

this flooring offers unparalleled water resistance and stability.

The included 3mm EVA underlayment ensures a quiet and comfortable living environment,

and its organic, biodegradable fiberwood core brings it closer to real hardwood floors.

However, what truly distinguishes NexxaCore is its fashion style.

Curated with the top trending colors by our designers, this performance laminate flooring is on the cutting edge

of interior design offering a range of clean, wide neutrals and rich brown tones.

The Matte Zero Finish technology brings a high quality, low gloss finish for authentic, oil-finished flooring looks.

The flooring is resistant to wear, stains, and impacts, making it ideal

for both residential and medium commercial spaces.

Moreover, it’s Floorscore Compliant for Indoor Air Quality, with no detectable formaldehyde,

and can be installed in areas prone to moisture.

Elevate your space with NexxaCore’s next generation laminate flooring – the perfect fusion of style and functionality.

Zen for your living space.

Introducing NexxaCore HDF5 organic fiber cores

Nexxacore features a high-density, organic fiberwood core featuring proprietary 5% maximum flooring thickness swell rate per North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) LF-01 Sect 3.2.  This 24hr testing measures the ability of laminate flooring to resist increase in thickness after being exposed to water.  A thickness swell rate under 10% means little to no noticeable change in flooring bevel edge or flooring surface lift.

Thickness Swell Rate Test Results

Swell rates measures how flooring reacts to moisture—critical for lasting quality. A higher swell rate means the planks are absorbing more water. For testing data and more information CLICK HERE.

NexxaCore Performance Laminates
10%Swell Rate 5% (EXCELLENT)
Leading ``Waterproof`` Laminates
25%Swell Rate 10% (AVERAGE)
Standard Laminates
54%Swell Rate 18% (POOR)

The BONSAI COLLECTION also features a 4-sided painted micro bevel at 30 degrees for that refined look. Most products with a bevel are 45 degrees, thereby creating an unrealistic “dust-catcher”.

The Wood Vision 3D is a HD visual film technology allowing for the most realistic natural designs.

Matte Zero is an innovative Zero-Finish technology producing an ultra-matte, low gloss finish to simulate a natural hardwood look.

Silencio is an attached 3mm EVA underlayment with built-in acoustical, impact qualities.

Laminates that meet the NexxaCore standard

In addition to the prerequisite certificates, all of our engineered vinyl flooring is Floorscore IAQ (indoor air quality) certified. Many environmental programs recognize this standard as one of the safety benchmarks.

Phthalates are banned in most children’s products, but continue to be used in other applications. We cannot fathom why anyone would use phthalates in floors that are so close to our children and loved ones.

NexxaCore floors are phthalates free and safe for children.

Go ahead, lie down and take a nap.

The IKEBANA COLLECTION features a Lifetime water-resistant and structural warranty as well as a Lifetime residential wear & 10 year commercial wear warranty.

Our laminated flooring is crafted with non-detectable levels of formaldehyde and offers a safer choice for consumers. Opting for near zero formaldehyde laminate ensures a healthier living environment with reduced off-gassing over time. NexxaCore is proud to offer non-detectable formaldehyde laminates for the safety of our loved ones.

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